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Secret World Live' contains 16 tracks from Peter Gabriel's Secret World tour of 1993, the extraordinary live tour, conceived by Gabriel and Robert Lepage, that accompanied the release of Peter's sixth solo album, 'US'. Recorded over two nights in Modena in northern Italy, the collection spans Peter's solo career until that point; from debut single 'Solsbury Hill' right up to 'Digging in the Dirt', 'Steam' and 'Blood Of Eden' from 'US'. With a thoroughly committed and total performance Peter further consolidated his reputation as a ringmaster of dynamism and daring. The touring band captured by the recordings consists of Peter, alongside Manu Katché (drums), Tony Levin (bass and backing vocals), David Rhodes (guitar and backing vocals), Jean Claude Naimro (keyboards and backing vocals) and Paula Cole (vocals). With a special guest appearance by Papa Wemba and Molokai.

Track Listing:
1. Come Talk to Me - Peter Gabriel (6.14)
2. Steam - Peter Gabriel (7.43)
3. Across the River - Peter Gabriel (6)
4. Slow Marimbas - Peter Gabriel (1.46)
5. Shaking the Tree - Peter Gabriel (9.18)
6. Red Rain - Peter Gabriel (6.15)
7. Blood of Eden - Peter Gabriel (6.57)
8. San Jacinto - Peter Gabriel (7.34)
9. Kiss That Frog - Peter Gabriel (5.57)
10. Washing of the Water - Peter Gabriel (4.07)
1. Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel (4.46)
2. Digging in the Dirt - Peter Gabriel (7.37)
3. Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel (4.59)
4. Secret World - Peter Gabriel (9.11)
5. Don't Give Up - Peter Gabriel (7.36)
6. In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel (11.34)

Year of Production: 1993