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Released on the cusp of their 30th year with British indie Warp Records, 'Feorm Falorx' is the 2022 studio album by the British electronic music duo. From their playful early releases in the late '80s they have explored diverse musical styles and embraced new methods of synthesis whilst maintaining a musical thread that spins back through the early Hip Hop scene of their youth and beyond to the sounds of the late '60s and '70s that inspired it. Plaid have toured extensively and collaborated widely over the years, writing for and performing with sonic researchers, percussion groups, solo artists and orchestras, including the BBC Concert Orchestra. They have written for computer games and scored several feature films, one of which, 'Tekkon Kinkreet', was awarded the Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year. 'Feorm Falorx' finds the duo, Ed Handley and Andy Turner, recreating a performance at the Feorm Festival, an intergalactic festival held on the planet Falorx. In order to survive the Falorxian atmosphere they were converted into light so the traditional recording devices they'd taken on 'The Campbell' were not functional. Fortunately, having consulted Earth's Space Agency, it was deemed safe to recreate the performance back in their London studio. Extensive testing of the resulting recordings have established a level of thought contamination deemed, 'perfectly acceptable.'

Track Listing:
1. Perspex - Plaid
2. Modenet - Plaid
3. Wondergan - Plaid
4. C.A. - Plaid
5. Cwtchr - Plaid
6. Nightcrawler (Feat. Mason Bee) - Plaid
7. Bowl - Plaid
8. Return to Return - Plaid
9. Tomason - Plaid
10. Wide I's - Plaid

Year of Production: 2022