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Reverberations (Travelling In Time)' is the debut Primal Scream album that never was: 16 perfectly formed pop nuggets weighing in at just under 35 minutes. Boasting eleven previously unreleased BBC session recordings plus all five songs from the band's first two Creation Records singles, 'Reverberations (Travelling In Time)' perfectly captures what many believe to be a crucial era for one of the UK's most important groups as they went on to influence a wave of emerging bands, most notably The Stone Roses. It's a collection which provides a snapshot of the youthful innocence and uninhibited passion that characterised their early two-minute indie-pop adventures. Bobby Gillespie says, 'This music proves we really had something special going on back then. I'm very proud of this album, I'm glad these sessions are finally being released'.

Track Listing:
1. Imperial - Primal Scream
2. Velocity Girl - Primal Scream
3. Feverclaw - Primal Scream
4. Silent Spring - Primal Scream
5. I Love You - Primal Scream
6. Tomorrow Ends Today - Primal Scream
7. Bewitched and Bewildered - Primal Scream
8. Crystal Crescent - Primal Scream
9. Subterranean - Primal Scream
10. Leaves - Primal Scream
11. Aftermath - Primal Scream
12. All Fall Down - Primal Scream
13. It Happens - Primal Scream
14. Crystal Crescent - Primal Scream
15. Velocity Girl - Primal Scream
16. Spirea X - Primal Scream

Year of Production: 2023