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Riley Downing (The Deslondes)sat down one day and decided he wanted to record a song or two for a simple 45. The Deslondes had been on a hiatus for a while and Downing had the creative itch to put something down on record. He had been in contact with his bandmate, John James Tourville and they decided to work on a split 7-inch with a friend. The recording session felt like a breath of fresh air and the communion of talented musicians produced more songs than expected. 'Start It Over' is the result of that creative effort. An album where each song was crafted with a different idea in mind. Some of the songs are more nostalgic than others and some were just written for good ol' fashion fun.

Track Listing:
1. I'm Not Ready - Riley Downing
2. Deep Breath - Riley Downing
3. Coleman Rose - Riley Downing
4. Good to See Ya - Riley Downing
5. Looking Forward - Riley Downing
6. Start It Over - Riley Downing
7. Never Coming Home - Riley Downing
8. Hey! Mister - Riley Downing
9. Won't Somebody Play - Riley Downing
10. Doing It Wrong - Riley Downing
11. Crazy - Riley Downing
12. I'm Right There With You - Riley Downing

Year of Production: 2021