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Across 13 beautifully arranged songs, the singer born Ry Cuming assesses the relationships he's experienced over the years, writing from a place that is, clearly incredibly personal to him. 'Blood Moon' is an album that sees Ry X very organically breaking new ground while maintaining the authenticity of his artistry. It ventures boldly into uncharted territory, with new palettes of sounds and fresh production flourishes, but retains the raw honesty that has established a powerful connection with an international fanbase. It was recorded in topanga, deep in the santa monica mountains. embracing the beauty of the location, he'd work by day and by night, breaking only to explore the mountains at sunset. It was also a time of creative solitude as Ry X wrote, produced and played almost everything that features on the album.

Track Listing:
1. Let You Go - RY X
2. A Thousand Knives - RY X
3. Colorblind (Feat. Ólafur Arnalds) - RY X
4. Borderline - RY X
5. Your Love - RY X
6. Crawl - RY X
7. Spiral - RY X
1. Dark Room Dancing - RY X
2. Hurt - RY X
3. Come Back - RY X
4. Visions - RY X
5. All in Words - RY X
6. Trouble - RY X

Year of Production: 2022