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23-song collection that encompasses some of Sam Cooke's best-loved and most incisive songs, and representing the artist both at the very pinnacle and, tragically, the very end of his ground-breaking career. The songs that comprise 'Keep Movin' On' were, for the most part, written and produced by Sam Cooke following his successful fight for complete creative and economic control over his recordings and repertoire. The notion of artistic self-determination was an unheard-of concept for virtually any recording artist, let alone a young rhythm and blues singer in the early 1960s.

Track Listing:
1. (Ain't That) Good News - Sam Cooke
2. Rome (Wasn't Built in a Day) - Sam Cooke
3. Meet Me at Mary's Place - Sam Cooke
4. Basin Street Blues - Sam Cooke
5. Cousin of the Moon - Sam Cooke
6. Tennessee Waltz - Sam Cooke
7. Falling in Love - Sam Cooke
8. When a Boy Falls in Love - Sam Cooke
9. Good Times - Sam Cooke
10. Shake - Sam Cooke
11. Yeah Man - Sam Cooke
12. It's Got the Whole World Shakin' - Sam Cooke
1. The Riddle Song - Sam Cooke
2. I'm Just a Country Boy - Sam Cooke
3. Try a Little Love - Sam Cooke
4. There'll Be No Second Time - Sam Cooke
5. Another Saturday Night - Sam Cooke
6. Sugar Dumpling - Sam Cooke
7. That's Where It's At - Sam Cooke
8. You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You - Sam Cooke
9. (Somebody) Ease My Troublin' Mind - Sam Cooke
10. A Change Is Gonna Come - Sam Cooke
11. Keep Movin' On - Sam Cooke

Year of Production: 2001