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From the time they were formed, Set It Off have never been your standard emo band. Or pop group. Or pop-punk band. They are all of those things and more. Just listen to the lead single 'Skeleton' - moody, melodious pop-rock with fast rapping tearing up the break. The song is about embracing who you are unapologetically and without filters. What 'Elsewhere' represents is a band that has come to terms with its true identity and its sense of well-being. Cody no longer worries about chasing fame and putting pressure on himself to replicate past successes. He loves what he does and seeks out new ideas to explore, and if they reap big rewards that's a bonus. Maxx stopped repressing unsettled feelings about his life, worked them out in therapy, and now feels rejuvenated.

Track Listing:
1. Skeleton - Set It Off
2. Projector - Set It Off
3. Cut Off - Set It Off
4. Loose Cannon - Set It Off
5. Why Do I - Set It Off
6. As Good As It Gets - Set It Off
7. Who's in Control - Set It Off
8. Taste of the Good Life - Set It Off
1. Why Not Me - Set It Off
2. Dangerous - Set It Off
3. Cordial - Set It Off
4. The Magic 8 - Set It Off
5. Playing With Bad Luck - Set It Off
6. Peekaboo - Set It Off
7. Catch a Break - Set It Off
8. Better Than This - Set It Off