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Show Me the Body is a New York City-based ecclesiastical hardcore trio consisting of Julian Cashwan Pratt (founder; banjo and vocals), Harlan Steed (founder; bass), and Jackie McDermott (current drummer). The band has organised non-traditional, intentional DIY spaces for NYC youth since 2015, and since expanded that work to a global capacity through their urgent, ceremonial live shows, subterranean punk and hip-hop mixed tours, and their CORPUS NYC platform. 'Trouble the Water' is the culmination of nearly a decade of barrelling against New York City's structural ambivalence and indifference; an invocation to a like-minded global community to consider the alchemy of family-building, and of turning water to blood. 'Trouble the Water' was recorded entirely at the band's CORPUS Studios in Long Island City, with veteran metal producer Arthur Rizk (Code Orange, Power Trip, Ghostemane, Turnstile, Candy, Xibalba, Pissed Jeans), and co-engineered by studio co-founder Aidan Bradley.

Track Listing:
1. Loose Talk - Show Me the Body
2. Food from Plate - Show Me the Body
3. Radiator - Show Me the Body
4. We Came to Play - Show Me the Body
5. War Not Beef - Show Me the Body
6. Out of Place - Show Me the Body
7. Boils Up - Show Me the Body
8. Buck 50 - Show Me the Body
9. Demeanor - Show Me the Body
10. Using It - Show Me the Body
11. WW4 - Show Me the Body
12. Trouble the Water - Show Me the Body

Year of Production: 2022