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Back after a much-too-long four-year absence - during which David Berman struggled with substance abuse, depression, and a suicide attempt. The Silver Jews return with 'Tanglewood Numbers', an album full of the wry, insightful storytelling for which the band is beloved, as well as some striking differences. The album's polished sound will come as something of a surprise to fans who have been around since the 'Starlite Walker' days, as will Berman's urgent vocals on tracks like 'Sometimes a Pony Gets Depressed.' However, these changes work in the album's favour and give an anthemic heft to the most gripping moments, most of which are about confronting troubles and fears head-on.

Track Listing:
1. Punks in the Beerlight - Silver Jews (3.3)
2. Sometimes a Pony Gets Depressed - Silver Jews (2.36)
3. K-hole - Silver Jews (2.38)
4. Animal Shapes - Silver Jews (3)
5. I'm Getting Back Into Getting Back Into You - Silver Jews (2.34)
6. How Can I Love You If You Won't Lie Down - Silver Jews (2.01)
7. The Poor, the Fair and the Good - Silver Jews (4.14)
8. Sleeping Is the Only Love - Silver Jews (2.56)
9. The Farmer's Hotel - Silver Jews (7.03)
10. There Is a Place - Silver Jews (4.19)

Year of Production: 2005