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With a unique trademark sound that is instantly recognisable even through a massive block of ice, Finnish melodic power metal overlords Sonata Arctica never fail to enthrall their audience with captivating hymns of Nordic splendor and magic. Graced by the aurora borealis, they've released ten studio albums thus far, taking us into their world since the majestic tunes of their long-fabled debut, 'Ecliptica'. Now, however, the band is about to start a whole new chapter. Aptly titled 'Acoustic Adventures - Volume One', Sonata Arctica carefully strip their sound of all things metal only to reveal precious, stunningly beautiful acoustic songs that still capture the heart, spirit and very essence of the band.

Track Listing:
1. The Rest of the Sun Belongs to Me - Sonata Arctica
2. For the Sake of Revenge - Sonata Arctica
3. A Little Less Understanding - Sonata Arctica
4. Alone in Heaven - Sonata Arctica
5. Tallulah - Sonata Arctica
6. Don't Say a Word - Sonata Arctica
7. As If the World Wasn't Ending - Sonata Arctica
8. Paid in Full - Sonata Arctica
9. Tonight I Dance Alone - Sonata Arctica
10. The Wolves Die Young - Sonata Arctica
11. Wolf & Raven - Sonata Arctica
12. On the Faultline - Sonata Arctica

Year of Production: 2022