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The arrival of Tamino is enough to make even an agnostic ponder predestination. The grandson of one of Egypt's most famed singers, the great Muharram Fouad, Tamino came to the guitar as a teenager only after finding a rare resonator in his late grandfather's attic. He plays it now alongside the oud, dual links to his cultural past that he uses to understand and articulate his emotional present. And when Tamino, whose jawline could make Euclid blush, sings of mystery and wonder, romance and surrender, worry and hope, you see that he's been to those places, returning to share what he's witnessed in a voice as strong as it is delicate, captivating as it is comforting. That is precisely how 'Sahar', his spellbinding second album, sounds - as though Tamino were born to sing these songs, and we were meant to witness.

Track Listing:
1. The Longing - Tamino
2. The Flame - Tamino
3. You Don't Own Me - Tamino
4. Fascination - Tamino
5. Sunflower - Tamino
6. The First Disciple - Tamino
7. Cinnamon - Tamino
8. Only Our Love - Tamino
9. A Drop of Blood - Tamino
10. My Dearest Friend and Enemy - Tamino

Year of Production: 2022