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Some forty years into one of music's most impactful, sometimes tense and yet curiously enduring partnerships, Tears For Fears have finally arrived together at 'The Tipping Point' - the group's ambitious, accomplished and surprising first new studio album in nearly two decades. And now, at very long last, Tears For Fears find themselves back in peak form at 'The Tipping Point' with an album that vividly recalls the depth and emotional force of the group's earliest triumphs. Imagine a far more outward-looking take on TFF's famously introspective 1983 debut album 'The Hurting' set in an even more mad world, or 1985's 'Songs From The Big Chair' bravely confronting even bigger issues in our increasingly unruly world. Or even 1989's 'The Seeds Of Love' that sows a mix of love and other emotions. The Tipping Point is the bold, beautiful and powerful sound of Tears For Fears finding themselves together all over again.

Track Listing:
1. No Small Thing - Tears for Fears
2. Tipping Point - Tears for Fears
3. Long, Long, Long Time - Tears for Fears
4. Break the Man - Tears for Fears
5. My Demons - Tears for Fears
6. Rivers of Mercy - Tears for Fears
7. Please Be Happy - Tears for Fears
8. Master Plan - Tears for Fears
9. End of Night - Tears for Fears
10. Stay - Tears for Fears

Year of Production: 2022