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Tedeschi Trucks Band invite you to experience 'I Am the Moon', an expansive, inspired, and ambitious musical journey that propels the treasured American ensemble into new and thrilling creative territory. During the pandemic and its corresponding isolation, Tedeschi Trucks Band was searching for something to hold on to; a way to connect to each other and their craft. With a burst of creativity and focus over the course of the next year, the band wrote and recorded the best material of their career: an electric and vibrant conceptualization that spans the richness of American music as only they can. The prolific sessions were so successful, they ended up with a little over two hours of essential music. Despite its sprawling nature, the tracks on I Am the Moon' are concise and visceral, epitomizing and enhancing the collaborative nature of the storytelling.

Track Listing:
1. Last Night in the Rain - Tedeschi Trucks Band
2. Soul Sweet Song - Tedeschi Trucks Band
3. D'Gary - Tedeschi Trucks Band
4. Where Are My Friends? - Tedeschi Trucks Band
5. I Can Feel You Smiling - Tedeschi Trucks Band
6. Another Day - Tedeschi Trucks Band

Year of Production: 2022