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Highly anticipated album from New York's beloved act The Antlers, their first new music in seven years. Perhaps what distinguishes 'Green to Gold' from the rest of The Antlers' canon is its arrival at a kind of quiet normalcy after a number of rather anxious records. Conceived and written almost entirely in the morning hours, 'Green to Gold' is the easily their most luminous record to date. Following 2014's 'Familiars', it looked unsure as to whether there would even be another Antlers album, after the onset of singer and primary songwriter Peter Silberman's auditory problems. Affecting his left ear, it was a condition that left him struggling to cope with commonplace noises. He was subsequently diagnosed with lesions on one of his vocal cords, requiring surgery for their removal and vocal therapy to retrain his voice to sing. Following a relocation to upstate New York and the 10th anniversary tour of 2009's 'Hospice', Silberman was rejuvenated and rediscovered the impulse to create new Antlers music.

Track Listing:
1. Strawflower - The Antlers
2. Wheels Roll Home - The Antlers
3. Solstice - The Antlers
4. Stubborn Man - The Antlers
5. Just One Sec - The Antlers
6. It Is What It Is - The Antlers
7. Volunteer - The Antlers
8. Green to Gold - The Antlers
9. Porchlight - The Antlers
10. Equinox - The Antlers

Year of Production: 2021