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Singular psych-folk-pop-rock wanderers, The Coral revel in a resurgent phase of artistic enquiry with the release of TWO albums, and their first since 2021's 'WILD BIRD'. Imagining the scorched sand, cardboard cowboys and flooded sets of a never-made Italian spaghetti western, the single snaps the clapperboard on a new story playing out all the way to the release of 'Sea Of Mirrors'. 2021's expansive 'Coral Island' album landed the Number 2 spot on the UK's Official Album Chart. Amidst that songwriting scirroco, it was a script was written by keyboard player, Nick Power, and vintage cinema foyer poster artwork was created by drummer, Ian Skelly that confirmed 'Sea Of Mirrors'' vivid concept and the blueprint for The Coral to move beyond all expectations once again.

Track Listing:
1. The Actor and the Cardboard Cowboy - The Coral
2. Cycles of the Seasons - The Coral
3. Faraway Worlds - The Coral
4. Wild Bird - The Coral
5. North Wind - The Coral
6. Eleanor - The Coral
7. Sea of Mirrors - The Coral
8. That's Where She Belongs - The Coral
9. The Way You Are - The Coral
10. Dream River - The Coral
11. Almeria - The Coral
12. Child of the Moon - The Coral
13. Oceans Apart - The Coral

Year of Production: 2023