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Originally released in 1969 on Deram Records, 'Sounds Like The Flirtations' is regarded as one of the top 1960s British-produced soul/R&B albums by an all-American girl group. The album was originally reviewed by New Music Express in July 1969, who hailed it as 'Made-In-Britain Motown Sound'. The album features the highly-praised classic soul single 'Nothing But A Heartache' which was a top 40 hit in the US, where it spent 14 weeks on the Billboard Top 100; as well as enjoying chart successes in the UK, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia and elsewhere. It has become a Northern Soul classic ever since.

Track Listing:
1. Nothing But a Heartache - The Flirtations (2.44)
2. This Must Be the End of the Line - The Flirtations (2.56)
3. I Wanna Be There - The Flirtations (3.05)
4. Stay - The Flirtations (3.35)
5. How Can You Tell Me? - The Flirtations (3)
6. Someone Out There - The Flirtations (3.02)
7. Need Your Loving - The Flirtations (2.54)
8. South Carolina - The Flirtations (2.45)
9. Once I Had a Love - The Flirtations (2.47)
10. Momma, I'm Coming Home - The Flirtations (3.03)
11. Loves Is a Sad Song - The Flirtations (3.09)
12. What's Good About Goodbye, My Love - The Flirtations (3.06)

Year of Production: 1969