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The term 'Front Porch Singin'' may actually be a metaphor for many creative and conceptual musical ideas. But, for us, this title has become more of an attitude than anything else. What if the four of us were sitting on a porch together and someone begins to sing a favourite old Gospel song, like 'Swing Down Chariot', or a country and Western standard like 'Red River Valley', and everyone else just joined in? 'That is what happened at RCA Studio A. But, as usual under producer Dave Cobb's leadership, this album turned into so much more. The 'Front Porch Singin'' attitude remained prevalent throughout, as songwriters, musicians, Dave and all four of us kept coming to the table with terrific creative ideas to enhance our Front Porch experience.

Track Listing:
1. Life Is Beautiful - The Oak Ridge Boys
2. Love, Light and Healing - The Oak Ridge Boys
3. Old Ways - The Oak Ridge Boys
4. Promised Land - The Oak Ridge Boys
5. Red River Valley - The Oak Ridge Boys
6. Life's Railway to Heaven - The Oak Ridge Boys
7. Rock My Soul - The Oak Ridge Boys
8. Swing Down Chariot - The Oak Ridge Boys
9. Till I See You Again - The Oak Ridge Boys
10. Unclouded Day - The Oak Ridge Boys
11. When He Calls - The Oak Ridge Boys

Year of Production: 2021