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After four albums, including 2020's 'Life Worth Living', countless live performances, and having gained considerable loyal support, The Spitfires have a reputation as one of the UK's foremost young bands. 'Play for Today' offers a culmination of their journey, and offers a level of introspection, alongside their characteristic social commentary, pop nous and raw passion. Produced by Simon Dine (longtime producer of Paul Weller), the band continue to make strides musically and sonically, absorbing influences and inspiration, making a triumphant farewell for an ever-exciting band.

Track Listing:
1. Suburbia - The Spitfires
2. Save Me - The Spitfires
3. Blaze of Glory - The Spitfires
4. Don't Look at Me - The Spitfires
5. Interlude 1: Accumulator - The Spitfires
6. Did You Have to Go? - The Spitfires
7. Find My Way Back Home - The Spitfires
8. Time to Take Sides - The Spitfires
9. Interlude 2: Helpline - The Spitfires
10. Spoiler Alert - The Spitfires
11. Keep Me Waiting - The Spitfires
12. Interlude 3: In It to Win It! - The Spitfires
13. Reap What You Sow - The Spitfires
14. Costa Del Mundane - The Spitfires
15. Promised Land - The Spitfires
16. Credits - The Spitfires

Year of Production: 2022