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Originally released in 1983, 'Soul Mining' is the major label debut album by post-punk outfit The The, fronted by Matt Johnson. Featuring the singles 'Uncertain Smile', 'Perfect', and the iconic 'This Is The Day', the album, which is Gold-certified in the UK, has been long out of print on vinyl, except as part of a limited run 30th anniversary 2 LP box set reissue in 2014. Featuring a host of talented musicians, including JG Thirwell (aka Foetus, Manorexia and Steroid Maximus), Zeke Manyika (Orange Juice), electronic DIY pioneer Thomas Leer and Jools Holland, Matt Johnson set out with a clear vision in mind - to produce an album that felt cinematic; a record of width, depth and texture and one which avoided the mundane line-up of two guitars, bass and drums. Lauded with critical acclaim ('Soul Mining is a brilliant and very idiosyncratic album' - The Guardian ; 'Like shaving lotion applied to cleanse a wound, Johnson's songs are attractively scented and sting like hell' - Melody Maker) the music and lyrics of 'Soul Mining' are as fresh and relevant today as they were almost 40 years ago.

Track Listing:
1. I've Been Waitin' for Tomorrow (All of My Life) - The The
2. This Is the Day - The The
3. The Sinking Feeling - The The
4. Uncertain Smile - The The
5. The Twilight Hour - The The
6. Soul Mining - The The
7. Giant - The The

Year of Production: 1983