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Seventh studio album from The White Buffalo, the touring/recording persona of Jake Smith, a singer, songwriter, guitarist and teller of tales, whose voice, a timber-shakin' baritone, seems fuelled by a greater truth. Of all the albums released under The White Buffalo banner to date, this 11-tracker - a loosely-linked collection of dark thrills produced by Shooter Jennings, who also provides piano and keys - is the most collaborative and organic. From the beginning, Oregon-born Smith has wilfully side-stepped genre, touching on a variety of musical threads - from Americana to punk, from brooding folk to driving rock 'n' roll - whilst maintaining a strong, signature style. His spontaneous delivery and narrative lyrics are at the heart of it all, instilling the songs - effectively, mini-movies - with a cinematic, hand-crafted quality, and this very much holds true for 'On the Widow's Walk'.

Track Listing:
1. Problem Solution - The White Buffalo
2. The Drifter - The White Buffalo
3. No History - The White Buffalo
4. Sycamore - The White Buffalo
5. Come On Shortly - The White Buffalo
6. Cursive - The White Buffalo
7. Faster Than Fire - The White Buffalo
8. Widow's Walk - The White Buffalo
9. River of Love and Loss - The White Buffalo
10. The Rapture - The White Buffalo
11. I Don't Know a Thing About Love - The White Buffalo

Year of Production: 2020