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Our Bande Apart' - produced by Stephan Jenkins and Colin Holbrook - is Third Eye Blind's follow up to 'Screamer', and their first release post lockdown. Recorded in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles with guest Ryan Olson of Poliça and Marijuana Death Squad. The albums' first single ''Box of Bones' concerns itself with the ambivalence and stakes of relationships under pressure', says Stephan Jenkins. The song is from the band's first recording session after lockdown and 'is the most fun we've ever had in the studio' and 'you can hear the exuberance we have playing together in the same room again', Jenkins adds. The following track 'Again' features Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast trading vocals with Stephan Jenkins on a song that is reminiscent of a travelogue from days gone by.

Track Listing:
1. Goodbye to the Days of Ladies and Gentlemen - Third Eye Blind
2. Box of Bones - Third Eye Blind
3. Again - Third Eye Blind
4. Silverlake Neophyte - Third Eye Blind
5. Dust Storm - Third Eye Blind
6. The Dying Blood - Third Eye Blind
7. Funeral Singers - Third Eye Blind
8. To the Sea - Third Eye Blind
9. Time in Berlin - Third Eye Blind

Year of Production: 2021