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A Fable' is Tigran Hamasyan's first solo album after having recorded three previous albums as a leader. Released in 2011 it was hailed for the rare maturity of an all young musician to deliver such a landmark recording. At that time the pianist has been identified as one of the most important jazz revelations by critics impressed by his artistry. Well known for the way he fuses potent jazz improvisation with the rich folkloric music of his native Armenia, Tigran once again borrowed from the rich tradition he inherited and made a giant step with 'A Fable'. Hamasyan gives a stunning one-man show with definite nods to Monk and Miles Davis, to Liszt and Debussy, while creating a space that is distinctly his.

Track Listing:
1. Rain Shadow - Tigran Hamasyan
2. What the Waves Brought - Tigran Hamasyan
3. The Spinners - Tigran Hamasyan
4. Illusion - Tigran Hamasyan
5. Samsara - Tigran Hamasyan
6. Longing - Tigran Hamasyan
7. Carnaval - Tigran Hamasyan
1. The Legend of the Moon - Tigran Hamasyan
2. Someday My Prince Will Come - Tigran Hamasyan
3. Kakavik (The Little Partridge) - Tigran Hamasyan
4. A Memory That Became a Dream - Tigran Hamasyan
5. A Fable - Tigran Hamasyan
6. Mother, Where Art Thou? - Tigran Hamasyan