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Ten years on from the release of their debut album, much had changed for Travis - and yet, much remained the same. With frontman Fran Healy now a father ('The Boy With No Name' takes its title from a nickname briefly given to his son) his songs began to turn to the world of relationships, with 'My Eyes', in particular, focusing on his newborn son. Having travelled so much ground since the release of 'Good Feeling', 'The Boy With No Name' was their most eclectic album to date, praised by the BBC for being the work of a band who 'can afford to take risks', while receiving four stars from Q magazine as it once again took the group into the Top 5 of the UK charts. 'The Boy With No Name' comes with a bonus 7-inch of 'Sailing Away', a song originally hidden as a bonus track on the album's CD release.

Track Listing:
1. 3 Times and You Lose - Travis 
2. Selfish Jean - Travis 
3. Closer - Travis 
4. Big Chair - Travis 
5. Battleships - Travis 
6. Eyes Wide Open - Travis 
7. My Eyes - Travis 
8. One Night - Travis 
9. Under the Moonlight - Travis 
10. Out in Space - Travis 
11. Colder - Travis 
12. New Amsterdam - Travis 
1. Sailing Away - Travis

Year of Production: 2007