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Originally released in 2005 on the Static Caravan label, this is the first time this beloved album has been available on vinyl since 2006. Back in 2003, Sam Genders and Mike Lindsay were introduced by a mutual friend at a gig Sam was playing. Mike had a strange studio underneath a woman's clothes shop in Soho at the time, and after some discussion, Sam asked if he could record an EP there. Mike agreed, and after a while played Sam some ideas he'd been working on, fusing his vision of electronica and acoustic paganistic folk music. He then asked Sam if he'd sing on one, and then another one... and then another one. The pair began to write songs together from this point, and became totally immersed in this album project, which would later come to be known as 'Mother's Daughter and Other Songs'.

Track Listing:
1. Mother's Daughter - Tunng
2. People Folk - Tunng
3. Out the Window With the Window - Tunng
4. Beautiful and Light - Tunng
5. Tales from Black - Tunng
6. Song of the Sea - Tunng
7. Kinky Vans - Tunng
8. Fair Doreen - Tunng
9. Code Breaker - Tunng
10. Surprise Me 44 - Tunng

Year of Production: 2005