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Featuring 12 songs, 'Union' is an album of collaborations, showcasing new songs and re-imagined Damo classics. 'I love collaborating with people who move me with their music and lyrics and soul and voice. With music we always learn something from and take a little bit of each other's spirit and magic away with us. You always come up with something that you wouldn't have if working alone; souls and minds mingle, kindred spirits connect and dance, creativity crackles, and the results can be wonderful. Union is a myriad of styles and a bit of a melting pot but I reckon there's something for everyone here.'

Track Listing:
1. Singing Bird (With Finbar Furey) - Damien Dempsey (3.34)
2. Soulsun (With John Grant) - Damien Dempsey (3.48)
3. Apple of My Eye (With Wildwood Kin) - Damien Dempsey (3.19)
4. It's Important (With Dan Sultan) - Damien Dempsey (3.3)
5. A Child Is an Open Book (With Kate Tempest) - Damien Dempsey (3.52)
6. Gaelic Ireland (With Pauline Scanlon) - Damien Dempsey (2.51)
7. You're Like the Water (With Maverick Sabre) - Damien Dempsey (4.15)
8. The Keepers of the Flame (With Lisa O'Neill) - Damien Dempsey (5.16)
9. Celtic Tiger (With Sinéad O'Connor) - Damien Dempsey (5.12)
10. Kevin Barry (With Seamus Begley) - Damien Dempsey (4.11)
11. Big Big Love (With Imelda May) - Damien Dempsey (3.45)
12. Human (With Paul Alwright) - Damien Dempsey (4.23)

Year of Production: 2019