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Heavenly present 'Heavenly Remixes' Volumes 3 & 4 (Andrew Weatherall Remixes), a brace of compilation albums collecting together some of the finest remixes from the label's long-time friend, collaborator and go-to remixer. By the time Heavenly was born in the spring of 1990, Andrew Weatherall was already an inspirational sounding board, as well as a fellow traveller on the bright new road that stretched out ahead thanks to the massive cultural liberation of acid house. Back then every energised meeting could be turned into a fortuitous opportunity in this burgeoning new underground economy. Bored of your job? Start playing records out! Start a club night! Get in the studio! Start a label! Just don't stand still.

Track Listing:
1. The World According to Sly & Lovechild (Andrew Weatherall Soul of Europe Mix) - Sly and Lovechild
2. Beehive (Andrew Weatherall Dub) - Mark Lanegan
3. Weekender (Audrey Is a Little Bit More Partial Mix) - Flowered Up
4. Chwyldro (Andrew Weatherall Remix) - Gwenno
1. Only Love Can Break Your Heart (A Mix of Two Halves) - Saint Etienne
2. Bubblegum (Andrew Weatherall Remix) - Confidence Man
3. Conquistador (Sabres of Paradise No. 3 Mix) - Espiritu
4. Sugar Tastes Like Salt (Andrew Weatherall Tastes Like Dub Mix Pt.1 - Live Bass) - The Orielles

Year of Production: 2022