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President Michael D. Higgins, Bono, Liam Neeson, Jessie Buckley and more bring the work of seminal Irish poet Patrick Kavanagh to life on a new record, ‘Almost Everything…’ , set for release on Friday 23rd September 2022 via Claddagh Records.

Originally released on Claddagh Records in 1964, the double album also features the only recording of the revered Irish poet reading his most celebrated poems. Nowremastered and reimagined this new two-part album features the original recordings and Kavanagh’s poetry read by Bono, Hozier, Imelda May, Liam Neeson, Jessie Buckley, Aidan Gillen, Lisa McGee, Lisa Hannigan, President Michael D.Higgins, Evanna Lynch, Sharon Corr, Kathleen Watkins, Christy Moore, RachaelBlackmore and Aisling Bea set to a truly wonderful music composition. The physical formats of this album include a booklet containing all the poetry one will hear on the album. The vinyl format of this release contains two truly unique vinyl sleeves. The first hosts a printed collage of sketches of all the celebrated readers around Patrick Kavanagh, with Kavanagh himself visible through the gold-foil cut-out square on the cover itself. The second vinyl sleeve is an exact replica of the original 1963 release.

Track Listing:
LP 1 - Side A
1. On Raglan Road (read by Bono)
2. Stony Grey Soil (read by Michael D. Higgins)
3. Memory of My Father (read by Liam Neeson)
4. Canal Bank Walk (read by Imelda May)
5. Peace (read by Hozier)
6. Inniskeen Road: July Evening (read by Lisa McGee)
7. In Memory of my Mother (read by Kathleen Watkins)
8. The Hospital (read by Lisa Hannigan)
9. Pegasus (read by Rachael Blackmore)

LP 1 - Side B
1. October (read by Christy Moore)
2. Shancoduff (read by Aisling Bea)
3. Lines Written on a Seat on the Grand Canal, Dublin (read by Evanna Lynch)
4. Extract from ‘The Great Hunger’ (read by Aidan GIllen)
5. A Christmas Childhood (read by Sharon Corr)
6. Epic (read by Jessie Buckley)

LP 2 - Side A (Read by Patrick Kavanagh)
1. Autobiographical Prose

LP 2 - Side B (Read by Patrick Kavanagh)
1. The Same Again
2. Jungle
3. Narcissus and the Women
4. Epic
5. God in Woman
6. Kerr’s Ass
7. Peace