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Memories of the rare soul scene are manifold but this timeless collection goes right to the heart and soul of the scene and is perhaps best summed up by the emotive title track 'These Memories' by Almeta Lattimore. Equally rare is Billy Harner's 'I Got It From Heaven', recorded and produced in 1976 by 'Sound Gems' label boss Frank Fioravanti. It was discovered, soon after release, by Richard Searling and covered-up as Bobby Hutton for exclusive plays on his Saturday/Sunday DJ sets at Wigan Casino.

Track Listing:
1. How Can I Go On Without You - Corey Blake
2. You Had It Made - Freddie Terrell & The Blue Rhythm Band
3. Man Up in the Sky - Barrett Strong
4. I Got It from Heaven - Billy Harner
5. I Don't Do This (To Every Girl I Meet) - Sydney Joe Qualls
6. You're the Main Squeeze (Part 1) - Crystal Motion
7. Can't Stop a Man in Love - Reuben Howell
8. These Memories - Almeta Lattimore
9. I Need Love - Daybreak
10. Shake Off That Dream - Eddie Owen
11. Tired of Being Your Fool - Love Committee
12. Let Love Flow On - Sonya Spence
13. My Baby Moves Me - Brenda Holloway