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Volumes entered Butter Studios in Venice, CA with producer and trusted collaborator Max Schad [Veil of Maya] and emerged in a new chapter with the return of original vocalist Michael Barr. With Barr's return, the band return as a complete unit setting out to show what they can do together. This album is representative of where Volumes has come from since 'Via' and 'No Sleep', all in the style of the writing they were doing five years ago. This album should bring back a lot of memories for the fans, and at the same time show what the future holds while reminding listeners of the band's original energy. The guys hope listeners realise how far they've come; they're older now, it's a whole new ballgame, a clean slate. Volumes set out to make the perfect representation of where they are now, and 'Happier?' will speak to that.

Track Listing:
1. Fbx - Volumes
2. Malevolent - Volumes
3. Bend - Volumes
4. Get Enough - Volumes
5. Lets Me Down - Volumes
6. Man On Fire - Volumes
7. Weighted - Volumes
8. See You Again - Volumes
9. Into You (Hurt) - Volumes
10. Void - Volumes
11. Happier? - Volumes

Year of Production: 2021