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For many years, Warmen was something like a solo project by Janne 'Warman' Wirman, or a musical balance to his main band at the time. When the keyboardist wasn't touring the world with Children of Bodom, he was regularly recording albums with his brother Antti Wirman (guitar), Jyri Helko (bass), Mirka Rantanen (drums, Kotipelto, ex-Hevisaurus) and various session singers. After the premature end of Children of Bodom and the tragic death of Alexi Laiho, Janne initially fell into a deep black hole and wasn't sure if he ever wanted to make music again. In the end, his environment helped him to focus on his great passion for music again with Warren. 'Here for None' heralds a new era - true to the motto 'The king is dead, long live the king', Warmen are not only musically departing to new, heavier shores - due to the new line-up it can now be said justifiably that Warmen are taking on the musical legacy of Janne's former band in a spectacular way.

Track Listing:
1. Warmen Are Here for None - Warmen
2. The Driving Force - Warmen
3. A World of Pain - Warmen
4. Too Much, Too Late - Warmen
5. Night Terrors - Warmen
6. Hell On Four Wheels - Warmen
7. The End of the Line - Warmen
8. Death's On Its Way - Warmen
9. The Cold Unknown - Warmen
10. Dancing With Tears in My Eyes - Warmen

Year of Production: 2023