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Inspired by travelling the world and exploring sounds globally just prior to the COVID-19 pandemic while consuming everything from the likes of Lil Peep to Jammer and Dutch electronic trio Noisia, 'Anomaly' is set to be a cohesive journey of far-off adventures, self-discovery and electronic wizardry. But amongst the enticing tunes, the album is also aligned with What So Not's dedication to important non-music issues, with What So Not recently announced as a finalist for the Environmental Music Prize. Ultimately, immersive adventures overseas not only helped What So Not flex his creative muscles before heading back home to craft his newly-announced full length-album; they also helped shape his ongoing dedication to raising awareness for issues close to his heart, as he concludes, 'Spending time in so many different countries, communities and cultures was such a reality check. We are so fractured and preconditioned to falsities. We have to care about our community and environment, and do what we can in our own circles to collectively protect and benefit everything outside of it. I spent a year travelling the world and exploring sounds. COVID then had me back home, honing in and refining my sonic comprehension. 'Anomaly' is a journey that ruptures reality in order to realise the potential of our own existence. It'll also feature some of the greatest friends and sound experimenters that I've come across in my life'.

Track Listing:
1. Alive - What So Not
2. Anomaly (Feat. AY AY) - What So Not
3. Mr Regular (Feat. Oliver Tree, Killer Mike) - What So Not
4. The Change - What So Not
5. Halifax - What So Not
6. On Air (Feat. Louis the Child, Captain Cuts, JRM) - What So Not
7. Messin' Me Up - What So Not
8. Bad Piano (Feat. Body Ocean & Lucy Lucy) - What So Not
9. Mercy (Feat. MØ) [2022 Edit] - What So Not
10. Black Shallow (Feat. Enschway) - What So Not
11. As One (Feat. Herizen) - What So Not

Year of Production: 2022