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in 2019 they dropped 'The Valley', showcasing a confident evolution in their sound and standing as a true landmark release that sets a new standard for the genre. 'To me, it was like the stars aligning for us to create our almost perfect record in regard to songwriting, vocal performance, the mix and master, and the artwork,' says guitarist Alex Wade. 'We like to look at our albums as chapters of our career, and that is one chapter I will never forget. I think it really solidified that we can embrace a new sound, and if we execute it properly, then the fanbase is going to support and enjoy it.' In 2021, they return with that album's successor, the mighty 'Kin', which is an even more dynamic and diverse collection, further advancing the band's sound into new territory without losing sight of what brought them to this point.

Track Listing:
1. I Will Find You - Whitechapel
2. Lost Boy - Whitechapel
3. A Bloodsoaked Symphony - Whitechapel
4. Anticure - Whitechapel
5. The Ones That Made Us - Whitechapel
6. History Is Silent - Whitechapel
7. To the Wolves - Whitechapel
8. Orphan - Whitechapel
1. Without You - Whitechapel
2. Without Us - Whitechapel
3. Kin - Whitechapel

Year of Production: 2021