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Will Stratton's rich catalogue is proof that the Hudson Valley folk musician thrives on exploration and reflection. Chart his trajectory over his previous six albums and you'll find a songwriter not content to stay comfortable or do the same thing twice. So it's no surprise that 'The Changing Wilderness', his resonant and clear-eyed seventh album, pushes him to expansive new heights again. The ten tracks on the LP came about from an intense four-year period of soul-searching and change for Stratton, where he knew he needed to change the way he wrote songs. 'I was just really sick of introspection', he says. 'I had to write music that felt like it was engaging with the outside world, rather than focusing on what was going on in my own life like on my earlier records'.

Track Listing:
1. Tokens - Will Stratton
2. Black Hole - Will Stratton
3. Infertile Air - Will Stratton
4. The Rain - Will Stratton
5. Finally Free - Will Stratton
6. Fate's Ghost - Will Stratton
7. When I've Been Born (I'll Love You) - Will Stratton
8. River of Silver - Will Stratton
9. Venus - Will Stratton
10. Stillness - Will Stratton

Year of Production: 2021