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Iron Flag' is the fourth studio album by the American East Coast hip hop collective, originally released in 2001. Having churned out a myriad of solo projects since their breakthrough group album 'Enter the Wu-Tang' and 'Wu-Tang Forever', the crew surprisingly came together a year after 'The W' to launch a new album. Rather than stick to one unified sound for most of the album's tracks, as with previous Clan albums, much of 'Iron Flag' returns to many different individual sounds and styles that the Wu-Tang had visited over the years. Sonical influences range from RZA's Bobby Digital sound to the gritty style of the Wu-Tang's debut album, and the sped-up vocal samples style of 'Wu-Tang Forever'. 'Iron Flag' also makes use of non-Wu artists well known in their own right: Flavor Flav of Public Enemy and soul legend Ronald Isley make appearances.

Track Listing:
1. In the Hood - Wu-Tang Clan (4.11)
2. Rules - Wu-Tang Clan (3.54)
3. Chrome Wheels - Wu-Tang Clan (4.15)
4. Soul Power (Black Jungle) [feat. Flavor Flav] - Wu-Tang Clan (4.53)
5. Uzi (Pinky Ring) - Wu-Tang Clan (5.2)
6. One of These Days - Wu-Tang Clan (4.14)
1. Ya'll Been Warned - Wu-Tang Clan (4.15)
2. Babies - Wu-Tang Clan (5.08)
3. Radioactive (Four Assassins) - Wu-Tang Clan (3.3)
4. Back in the Game (Feat. Ron Isley) - Wu-Tang Clan (4.34)
5. Iron Flag - Wu-Tang Clan (6.26)
6. Dashing (Reasons) - Wu-Tang Clan (4.45)

Year of Production: 2001