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Yeule is the Singapore-born, Los Angeles-based nonbinary musician, performance artist, and painter also known as Nat ?miel. First self-releasing songs at age 14, they have since emerged as a cult art icon, whose experimental pop songs of emotional excavation and self-reclamation have attracted a dedicated following of fellow outsiders who seek catharsis from physical and mental struggle. A chameleonic auteur guided by a multidisciplinary ethos, they craft entire worlds and personas through their music, weaving together everything from the classical canon, hypermodern internet cultures, academic theory, the esoteric, and their own carnal desires. On 'Soft Scars', they closely examine the anatomy of their long held emotional wounds, making for their most penetrating and daring work yet. By liberating their repressed memories through images of blood, flames, porcelain, and angel wings, they honour the way that pain has shaped their past selves and built their instinct for self-protection.

Track Listing:
1. X W X - Yeule
2. Sulky Baby - Yeule
3. Softscars - Yeule
4. 4ui12 - Yeule
5. Ghosts - Yeule
6. Dazies - Yeule
7. Fish in the Pool - Yeule
8. Software Update - Yeule
9. Inferno - Yeule
10. Bloodbunny - Yeule
11. Cyber Meat - Yeule
12. Aphex Twin Flame - Yeule

Year of Production: 2023